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The Gajendra Negi Project - Update

     The Gajendra Negi Project - Update

 The Gajendra Negi Project - Update

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negi project

During his two and one half month stay in New Delhi's Spinal Injuries Centre, Gajendra was treated with aggressive physiotherapy for an average of six hours a day, structured to optimize his upper body strength and increase flexibility in his lower body. At the time of Gajendra's discharge in mid-February, 2011, the Centre was experiencing an overload of severely injured individuals and beds had to be made available.

Gajendra was transported back to his home state of Uttrakhand to the village of Shivpuri, about a 35 minute drive from his family home. We have rented a small room with attached bathroom for him. We had a ramp built accessing his room from outside. Donations were used to purchase a strong, well-built wheelchair. We also bought a special stand to enable the lad to stand for about one hour a day, essential to promote circulation. We also bought some basic fitness equipment. An NGO, "The Family of the Disabled", provided a medical bed and an air mattress to prevent bed sores. A family member is staying with him to cook meals, provide essential care, give exercise training, etc. etc. A central goal is to daily build Gajendra’s strength so he is able to move into and out of his wheelchair independently and, for the long term, maximize his potential to function in society.

There has been a great improvement in the lad's condition since his evacuation from his village. He is still completely paralysed below the waist and has a measure of paralysis in his hands. Special exercises for his hands are enhancing his dexterity. Now that his extremely infected pressure sores have healed, it is essential that he is carefully examined to ensure they won't start up again.

Our specific goal for the next few months is to build Gajendra's upper body strength to the point that he is able to get from wheelchair to bed to wheelchair to bathroom and so on, on his own. Careful attention to hygiene will continue to be a priority.

It is imperative that we, as soon as possible, have the lad placed into an organization for the disabled that can provide training and skill development enabling him to eventually earn a livelihood and, most importantly, have the sense of actively living a productive life.

Our personal funds will be running out by mid-June 2011. Costs will continue to include medical supplies, food, rent, etc. etc.

All donations will be appreciated as money goes a lot further in India than it can in Canada. We are dedicating ourselves to the vision of creating an optimally positive future for this young man and will be earnestly grateful for any help we receive.

Funds can be directed to me, Kim Hartlin. I will transfer them to Vaibhav Kala, our co-ordinator in India, who will ensure they are used effectively.

Please make cheques out to: Kim Hartlin, The Gajendra Negi Project

Mailing Address: Kim Hartlin, PO Box 4285, Banff, Alberta T1L-1E6, Canada

Or Wire-Transfer to Bow Valley Credit Union: #00149-899-720210183458

If you have any questions regarding the Gajendra Negi Project

You can also contact me at:
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