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White Water Rafting

      WHITE WATER RAFTING White Water Rafting
white water rafting

Itís exciting to see people doing some stunts on water. At times, we have the thought that let me try to do so. Move ahead and plan your vacations now. We offer you well planned white water rafting and white water kayaking vacations at different locations like Brahmaputra River, Zanskar River, Subansari River, Kalisarda River, Spiti River, and Lohit River. On special request, besides rafting, if you want to go for sight seeing at the places nearby / hotel accommodation, we can get that arranged also.

Donít worry if you havenít done water rafting or kayaking before in life. Just let us know in advance. We can provide you with some basic training that will help you in enjoying the whitewater rafting or kayaking to fullest. Beside this our team of guides will be there during the expedition and will take care of everything.

Thus, if you have plans for rafting vacations, contact us now. We have a well planned itinerary for those who are planning for family trip, group trips, and adventurous trips. Depending on the type of river rafting or white water kayaking chosen by you, we offer the needful services. For example, for family trips, we keep in mind the needs of all family members. This means both the needs of the child and old parents as well. Generally, a low impact adventure is planned for families.

Group whitewater rafting and kayaking trips are quite in these days. Especially company picnics, family reunions, and youth groups to name the few. They are considered to be the best because one shares fun moments, and love the spiritual influences on people. Apart from this one develops good bonding among the group members. Usually low and medium impact is suggested for group water rafting. But if all the team players are good at rafting then rigorous one give them the feel of ultimate enjoyment.

You might be thinking what if I know rafting and would love to go on a monstrous, heart rendering one then we have something special plan stored in for you. People from all over the world including US, UK and Canada have appreciated our prompt services.

White Water Rafting
Whitewater River Rafting
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