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Tours Operator Canada
Thunder Bow Expeditions is a vision come true; an adventure travel company created by a life of adventure. Thunder Bow Expeditions is an adventure company for those who wish to venture into natural places. Thunder Bow Expeditions specializes in running river rafting trips, kayaking, trekking and white water rafting in Arunachal Pradesh northeast India. Kim has guided 14 successful descents on the Great Siang Brahmaputra River where it enters India from Tibet: a truly incredible river.
  OUR NEXT EXPEDITIONS - Arunachal Pradesh 2018 - INDIA
White water River Rafting

Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition
-  Nov 18-Nov 30 & Dec 1-13, 2018

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The Zanskar River Expedition
- Aug 06-17 & Aug 17-28, 2018

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Subansari River Expedition
- Dec 13-23, 2018

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Kali Sarda River Expedition
-  Mar 26-April 2nd ; Sept 24th to Oct 30th 2018

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Kameng River Expedition
- Dec 21-Dec 30, 2018

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Tawang Excursion
- Oct 04- Oct 14; Oct 11-Oct 21, 2018

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Lohit River Kayak Expedition
- Dec 09-Dec 21, 2018

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White Water River Rafting Canada
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